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Black Coated Hoof Buffer Clinch Cutter

Open any nail clinch and ensure that the nail can be extracted without damaging the hoof wall. The specialized combination of cutter and pritchel ensures that nearly every nail can be removed without causing any harm. The pritchel can also be used to countersink and trail hoof nails for alternative shoeing methods, such as the use of plastic shoes

Crease Nail Puller

For pulling nails from all types of horseshoes The jaws of this pincher have a sharp, pointed design. As a result, the puller allows you to easily grasp the nail heads from every shoe, even if the nail heads are worn down. The solid rear end of the jaw provides exceptional leverage when pulling the nail. The conical hole in the jaws fits almost all nail sizes Drop Forged Steel Chrome Vanadium Steel Size 12" 13" 14"

Curved Jaw Clincher 14″

Curved Jaw (or Saddle Horse) is an all-round clincher for everyday use. Made from chrome molybdenum steel, the teeth are heat-treated to hold their bite longer under heavy use. Length 14 inches The Edge Curved Jaw Clincher is used to tighten nails once the nail has been cut to length. The teeth allow for easier clinching

Equine Tools Hoof Tester, Large 15″

Stainless steel hoof tester allows you to locate sensitive areas on any part of the the animal foot, Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel. Overall length is 15", Comes with a long ergonomic handle. quality Steel to make best products, Perfect horse grooming accessory

Farrier Forging Heavy Hammer

Requirement for a multipurpose hammer that puts energy into the hammer stroke inspired the design concept. The flat face weight increases the direct strike of the hammer stroke, making it more controlled and consistent

Farrier Pull Off 12 inch

Smile International Pull Offs 12 inch are drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel with knobs on the handles for easy identification. Used to pull off Horseshoe from the Hoof and widen horseshoes and cut nails Durable construction Sharp Cutting Edges Farrier Shoe Pull OFF Farrier's best choice

Farrier Shoe Spreader

Farrier Shoe Spreader Vanadium Steel Farrier Tool in Dull Finish Stainless Steel Easy to use Shoe Spreader Farriers Same As Picture

Hoof Nipper 15″ Straight

Hoof nippers are made from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel and are precision machined to obtain the correct bevel to the cutting edge. AAA equine Farrier tools are renowned for their quality and durability Sharpness Durable Stainless Steel Construction Durability One handed use Made of drop forged chrome vanadium steel Sizes: 12", 14", 15"

Horse Tooth Rasp With Handle

Adjustable Dental Tooth Rasp Stainless steel with wood handle Supplied with one handle, one each interchangeable angular and straight head

Horseshoe Nail Cutter with Magnets

Luxury nail nipper from Smile International Specifically designed for optimal cutting with a long life cutting edge with hercules magnets inserted in the jaws to help catch nail clippings. Our nail nippers are hot drop forged and have ergonomic handles. Also available in a larger 14”

Loop Knife Small

Hoof Loop knives are made of premium Grade Stainless Steel passivated blade for a longer sharpened feature. They are manufactured through a forged process and rust-free steel usage with a strong screw system to avoid misallocation of the stem from the wooden handle

One Handed 10″ Spring Hoof Nippers

They are spring assisted for one-handed use making for improved dexterity and ease when holding hooves with the other hand. Made from forged steel

Manufacturer of equipment and tools for horseshoeing by farriers

Our journey began with a deep passion for horseshoeing. Our company, based in Sialkot and led by Iran Ali, specializes in manufacturing farrier tools. We have a profound understanding of the requirements of farriers, trimmers, and horse owners. Our priority lies in delivering top-notch products while ensuring affordability.

Our range includes specialized farrier tools and shoeing equipment designed specifically for horseshoe fixing. You can find a variety of essential tools such as hoof rasps, hoof nippers, hoof protractors, hoof knives, and forging tools among our offerings.

At the core of our values is a strong commitment to building meaningful connections with our customers. We take pride in delivering personalized and exceptional customer service. Whether you are in need of horse care products, riding gear, or horse accessories, we have everything to cater to your needs.


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