Our hammers are crafted from robust stainless steel, ensuring a superior finish and precise performance during horseshoeing tasks. The 10 and 12oz hammers boast a 12-15 inches hammering radius, providing ample reach for efficient work. With a finely designed claw, nails can be effortlessly removed and bent into the hoof wall with ease. For a touch of elegance, our Special Edition hammers feature multi-layered wooden handles, offering a secure and comfortable grip.

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Creaser Head Farrier Fuller Hammer

This fuller has a narrow curved blade and is ideal for fullering thicker materials, 10 and 12mm. The head is large and is an ideal tool for using with a striker. The blade is positioned under the centre of the tool to maximise the power of the hammer blow

Farrier Driving Hammer

Drop forged from high quality steel. Special hardwood handles to insure against breakage or loosening. Designed by professional farriers, 14 oz Farrier Driving Hammer that is the most useful weight for a wide variety of farrier applications The product is 14OZ Driving Hammer Easy to use The product is manufactured in Pakistan Forged from high quality steel with hardwood handle The most useful farrier hammer available Hardwood handle

Farrier Nylon Hammer

The new and improved version of our gentle farrier’s hammer has a head made of very resistant special nylon polyamide and an ergonomic ash handle. The additional handle protection on the hammer head absorbs any missed blows

Flatland Forge Driving Hammer

Farrier Driving Hammer, 3/8 inch face, 4 1/2 inch head length, 12 3/4 inch with wooden handle Smile International understands what kind of equipment farriers and blacksmiths need for their daily work. First-rate driving hammers improve your experience in shoeing horses and performing metalwork. We offer the best assortment of farrier driving hammers so you can find the right choice for your workshop

Plain Stamp Hammer with Wooden Handle

This plain stamp is made to be used with the E head nail, it's a well-balanced and well-built instrument. For strength and endurance, this plain stamp is made of stress-resistant H13 tool steel and mounted on a high-grade

Round Head Driving Hammer

Driving hammers are designed to withstand the rigorous daily use by the professional farrier. The hammer is well-balanced

Clipping a horseshoe is a precise task that requires a well-balanced and carefully constructed clipping hammer to achieve optimal results. Our specialty hammer section offers precision-built hammers designed to meet specific blacksmithing and farrier needs, including grooving, bordering, embossing, chasing, and planishing hammers, as well as those made from specialty materials.

The head of the hammer is crucial, being a compact solid mass that delivers a consistent blow without deformation after repeated use. Smile International driving hammers come in standard heavy and light versions, both designed to be well-balanced with correctly angled nailing surfaces, ensuring the best working position for professional farriers. The hammer's head has a large hole, accommodating a handle that is sturdy and less prone to breakage. The top-quality handle can be shaped to fit individual hand sizes, offering a comfortable grip. This versatile tool can be used for driving, cutting, and clinching nails. For durability, we've chosen the highest quality tool steel, tempered to the correct hardness. Safety glasses should always be worn while using a hammer to ensure safe use.