We present a diverse array of farrier tools kits to ensure you have access to the finest quality tools on the market. For a dedicated farrier, the safety, health, and happiness of their horses are paramount considerations. Working with the delicate hooves, the most vulnerable part of a horse, requires utmost care to spare them from pain and discomfort. Properly fitted horseshoes and high-quality farrier tools are essential to address unhealthy hooves and maintain the well-being of healthy ones. Farriers depend on their tools day in and day out to ensure the shoes are accurately fitted, delivering optimal performance.

Our selection of shoeing farrier equipment offers professional solutions for any farrier job. We value the significance of top-notch farrier and well-being supplies, just as much as you do. That’s why we prioritize quality and reassurance in every purchase. Our range of horse farrier tools for sale includes an extensive variety, such as hoof nippers, anvils, hammers, hoof knives and sharpeners, nail cutters, pullers, hoof cutting pliers, farrier kits, clinches, forging tools, and more. We offer a range of Smile International farrier tools to cater to your specific needs.

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Farrier Tool Bag

That's where everything is in place An ideal and practical way to keep your tools organized, and handy at the same time. The only toolbag you need to store all your farrier tools

Farrier Tool Set With Leather Bag

Farrier's Tool Set supplied with Leather Bag. complete set for professional hoof care: rasp, trimming knife, hoof cutter, hoof nippers, hammer, hoof pick. The hard wearing leather bag stores it all!

Heavy Duty Professional Horse Care Farrier Tool Kit

Standard Tan Rollup Bag Smile International farrier kit includes roll up bag and the following tools. Hoof Nipper 12", Hoof Nipper 15", Hoof Cutter, Farrier Clincher, Nail Puller, Hammer, Hoof Tester, Knive, Hoof Knife, Loop Knife, Buffer

The horse farrier hoof trim tool kit comprises a versatile set of "8 tools" designed to support complete hoof manicuring and cleaning of horseshoes.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the horse farrier hoof trim tool kit is sturdy, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and built to last, ensuring long service life and minimal risk of breakage.

To guarantee durability and reliability, our products undergo thorough trials and testing by professionals. We understand the importance of precision and swift response when caring for horses, which is why our delivery service is fast and dependable, eliminating long wait times. You'll receive your tools promptly. At Smile International, we are dedicated to offering an extensive range of essential products while prioritizing top-notch customer service and unbeatable delivery times.