This essential tool goes by various names such as clencher, clincher, or clench tongs. Regardless of the term used, it plays a crucial role in perfectly securing nails into the horse’s hoof. Recognizing the significance of this step in maintaining healthy hooves, we ensure that our tools are manufactured to the highest standards and extensively tested by professional farriers. They are perfect for regular use during horseshoeing tasks. Explore our diverse collection of clinchers, available in different sizes and with various modifications. Choose from models like A-Shape, Alligator Jaw, Clench Tongs, and Black coated stainless steel clenchers. Some clenchers come with plastic handles for enhanced grip. Additionally, we offer clenchers with different lengths and jaw shapes to accommodate various horse hoof and horseshoe types. Models such as 12, 13 & 14 inches are available, suitable for any horse.

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Curved Jaw Clincher 14″

Curved Jaw (or Saddle Horse) is an all-round clincher for everyday use. Made from chrome molybdenum steel, the teeth are heat-treated to hold their bite longer under heavy use. Length 14 inches The Edge Curved Jaw Clincher is used to tighten nails once the nail has been cut to length. The teeth allow for easier clinching

Farrier Clincher Blackened

Stable tool with sharp teeth The length of the handles ensures ideal leverage Quality build ensures a long life at a reasonable price

Hoof Clincher 12″

Smile International High Nail Clenching Tong Sharp and sturdy teeth for an excellent grip Jaws construction makes it easy to bend the nail and drive Quality Steel Size 12 inch

Hoof Clincher Curved Jaw Clench

Steel Nail Clenching Tong Maximum efficiency and balance Sharp and stable teeth for an excellent grip

Hoof Nail Clincher 13″ Coated Handle

Farrier's hoof nail clincher 13" steel red coated handle Made in stainless steel Excellent quality

Hoof Nail Clincher Vanadium Steel Pliers

Durable steel construction Color: Stainless Steel Size: 12" Best quality steel Easy to use

Low Nail Clincher 13″

Low Nail Clincher are made with high quality tool steel and are finished to provide maximum performance Smile International prides themselves on quality hoof care products at a responsible price This style of the clincher is made to be easier on the farrier as well as to the horse’s hoof wall. This special design allows you to clinch without the pulling downwards motion of a traditional-style nail clincher. Not only will this nail clincher feel good in your hand you will love the ease of use with this curved jaw style

Professional 13 inch Straight Jaw Clincher

Equine Care Hoof Clinchers are made from high grade Chrome Vanadium Steel A Farriers nails the shoes on, by driving the nails into the hoof wall at the white line of the hoof The nails are shaped in such a way that they bend outward as they are driven in, so that they emerge on the sides of the hoof Sharp points are cut and a clincher is used to bend the rest of the nail so it is almost flush with the hoof wall

Saddlehorse Farrier Clincher

Sharp and stable teeth for an excellent grip Forged from high quality tool steel, precision machined, and heat treated for strength and durability. Fully polished

Clinchers play a crucial role in folding over the nail to ensure the horseshoe remains securely in place on the horse's hoof. This step is highly important as it adds stability and a polished finish to the horseshoeing job. Smile International provides a range of clinchers meticulously crafted from top-quality tool steel, guaranteeing durability and sharpness. These clinchers are another essential addition to your farrier toolbox.

Our specially designed clenching tongs cater to the thoroughbred industry, offering a more subtle power to reduce pressure on the foot's wall. Nail Clenchers serve as farrier tools used for securing the clenches, or horseshoe nails, to the horse's foot.