Effortlessly extract any type of nail from your horse’s hoof with our efficient nail pullers. The conical holes present in the jaws provide a firm grip, allowing easy removal of any nail, no matter how worn down it may be. With specially designed jaws that grasp the horseshoe nail on both sides, minimal force is required to loosen and swiftly remove the nail, ensuring no damage to the hoof wall. This tool is perfect for extracting a few nails without the need to remove the entire horseshoe. Crafted from durable chromium stainless steel, our nail pullers guarantee supreme quality. Available in silver or black, this reliable tool is an essential companion for any farrier. By significantly reducing the time and effort required to remove old horseshoes, our nail puller ensures your horse remains comfortable throughout the process.

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Black Horseshoe Nail Puller

Remove stubborn nails from horseshoes using these effective pullers. The jaws of this technically-precise nail puller contain a sharp, pointed design. This feature allows you to seize the nail head even if it is worn down

Crease Nail Puller

For pulling nails from all types of horseshoes The jaws of this pincher have a sharp, pointed design. As a result, the puller allows you to easily grasp the nail heads from every shoe, even if the nail heads are worn down. The solid rear end of the jaw provides exceptional leverage when pulling the nail. The conical hole in the jaws fits almost all nail sizes Drop Forged Steel Chrome Vanadium Steel Size 12" 13" 14"

Edge Hoof Nail Puller with Lever

Premium Quality Farrier EDGE Nail Puller 30 cm made of Chrome Vanadium Stainless Steel for best finishing and functional accuracy This Farrier Crease Nail Puller from Capewell is great for pulling nails that have been in the shoe a long time Premium quality stainless steel product Length: 30 cm Material: Chrome Vanadium Premium Quality Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

Professional Solid Grip Nail Puller

Made of high quality steel for durability Ideal for horse hoof care 12 inch size for better grip Narrow beaks allow for easy removal of all types of nails Ergonomically designed Hand polished The Smile International Nail Puller is ideal for removing nails from the crease of old shoes that have been on for some time, and for misdriven nails in new shoes

Stainless Steel Nail Puller

The nail puller allows to remove correctly and simply the nails from the horn Allows fine work to unhook a horse with fragile walls or to remove only a few nails. After cutting the rivet using the drift, grasp the head of the nail embedded in the groove with the tapered part of the pliers. With a lever movement, pull the nail a first time, then grasp the nail blade through the cylindrical hole in the middle of the jaws and pull the length still remaining in the horn, as one would with a universal pliers. Beautiful tool in forged steel with an excellent quality / price ratio Very high quality forged steel Thin and long lasting bits

Our exceptional nail pullers are crafted from durable chromium stainless steel, ensuring prolonged durability. Unlike standard pullers that wear down quickly, our models are specifically designed to endure and remain reliable over time. They offer ease of use, even during the most challenging tasks, while ensuring no damage is done to the hoof wall. In situations where the shoe has become slightly twisted or pulled away, our tool can effectively correct the issue and prevent potential injuries. There are circumstances where horseshoes may deviate and pull away from the foot, leading to potentially harmful protruding nails. In such cases, using the nail puller to remove the shoe becomes essential to prevent any harm to the hooves caused by the nails.