Forging Tools

Highly accurate and finely crafted forge & farrier tools.

Forging Tools

Farrier Forging – Manufacturer & Supplier
We are committed to maintaining our legacy of exceptional quality by blending the artistry of skilled hands with contemporary techniques and machinery, resulting in the creation of exceptional tools for our valued customers.

Crafted from our unique blend of steel alloy, our tools are meticulously forged to endure the demanding and daily tasks of professional farriers. Smile International takes great pride in creating these tools, guaranteeing precision and reliability, consistently delivering exceptional performance day in and day out.

Farrier Supplies / Horse Shoeing Tools

Here’s a list of common farrier tools

Hoof Nippers
Farrier Apron
Straight Blade
Curved Blade
Loop Knife
Hoof Knife
Knife Sharpener
Rasp Handle
Wire Brush

Anvil Stand
Driving Hammer
Rounding Hammer
Shoe Puller
Nail Puller
Clinch Cutter