Explore an extensive range of hoof rasps at Smile International, offering a wide selection of specially designed and meticulously crafted tools for achieving top-quality results. With a variety of models, sizes, colors, and designs available at competitive prices, you can easily find the perfect rasp to suit your needs. Different rasps are tailored for specific hooves, allowing for varied results. Some rasps come with ergonomic handles in attractive colors, while others feature a durable black coating for added longevity.

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Horse Hoof Rasps With Wooden Handle

Smile International. Knowledge and expertise in farrier supplies for more than 50 years. Benefit from our long lasting experience and our extensive range of products Coarse, serrated and fine sides Natural wood handle Rasp length 14” Handle length 5” Long-lasting hoof rasp with coarse and fine side. The wooden handle provides a good grip

Horse Tooth Rasp With File

Farrier Tooth Rasp With File ( Set ) Set contains 1 Straight 1 Left and 1 Right Rasp

Horse Tooth Rasp With Handle

Adjustable Dental Tooth Rasp Stainless steel with wood handle Supplied with one handle, one each interchangeable angular and straight head

Horseshoe Trimming Shoe Rasp

File and rasp section on flat side File and rasp section on half-round side Made from premium carbon steel material, high strength and durable for long time usage

Long Handle Curved Tooth Rasp

Tooth Rasp Long Handle Stainless Steel horse Equine dental Professional Tooth Rasp veterinary instruments

Slim Curved Hoof Rasp

Medium and Small Coarse Sides Small Coarse Teeth For filing hooves to shape - Curved Equine Hoof Rasp File Curved Dual Sided Stainless Steel Horse Veterinary Lightweight and easy to handle This rasp is very light and handy, it should be ideal for tidying up any chips in the hoof, which is what I need it for. Being stainless steel

Located in Pakistan, a country where equestrianism holds a deep connection to national pride, we proudly provide top-notch farrier tools worldwide. Our world-class tools and equipment are meticulously designed and rigorously tested in Pakistan to ensure the finest outcomes. With a focus on durability, our collection of reliable rasps will assist you in your hoof care duties. We understand the importance of sturdy and long-lasting tools for hoof care, and each tool in our selection reflects this commitment. Choose from a variety of cutting-edge models, spanning from fine to coarse, to find the rasp that best suits your needs.