Smile International’s nail cutters are a lightweight and sharp tool designed for pinching and pulling hoof nails. With a finely crafted ergonomic design, this tool ensures comfort and provides a stable grip, even for farriers with smaller hands. We offer the most competitive prices for these top-quality Nail Cutters.

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Farrier Nail Cutter Black Coated

The Smile International nail cutter is a lightweight and ergonomic tool for pinching and pulling hoof nails. The fine ergonomic design of this tool offers comfort and a good and stable grip, even for farriers with smaller hands. Produced of the High quality steel, fine cutting edge Black Powder Coating for durability and long lasting sharpness

Horseshoe Nail Cutter 12″

They have a polished finish and come sharp & ready to cut. You will not be disappointed with this high quality tool for the price conscientious farrier Durable nail cutter with a flush face for blocking clenches. Drop forged 5140 tool steel with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Horseshoe Nail Cutter with Magnets

Luxury nail nipper from Smile International Specifically designed for optimal cutting with a long life cutting edge with hercules magnets inserted in the jaws to help catch nail clippings. Our nail nippers are hot drop forged and have ergonomic handles. Also available in a larger 14”

Standard Horse Shoe Nail Cutter 14″

Professional Veterinary Grade Shoe Nail Cutter 14 inch This item Provides the Strength to Widen or Remove Horse Shoes with Ease Premium Stainless Steel tried and tested hoof shoe pullers - Durability and heavy duty functionality These shoe pullers are strongly-made Smile-brand forged steel. Both feature back-of-head serration grips for spreading shoes. Very solid tools. Length measurement is overall

Introducing the Nail Cutters, a revolutionary addition to farrier tools! Crafted from premium materials, Smile International has dedicated substantial time to meticulously study tool making, resulting in the incorporation of numerous features to enhance their design and performance. Our nail cutters are lightweight and razor-sharp, specifically intended for pinching and pulling hoof nails. With a finely engineered ergonomic design, this tool guarantees comfort and provides a secure grip, even for farriers with smaller hands. Its purpose is to cut nails to the correct length before clinching.