A pritchel is a specific type of punch utilized in the forging process, specifically for creating nail holes in horseshoes. Smile International manufactures all pritchels using premium H13 tool steel for top-notch quality.

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Farrier Pritchel

This hand held pritchel is designed to carry the hot shoe from your anvil to the foot Flatland Forge Pritchel punch, Bloom Long pritchels are forged from S-7 tool steel. Air cool, do not quench

Pritchels Round

To properly "SNAP" and shear the plug out from a nail hole, a long, heavy pritchel is most desirable. Flatland forge pritchels are just the ticket! They have a long gradual taper, with clean, sharp edges. Our farrier pritchels are hand forged, not machined, this Provides optimum strength to the tool. Browse our selection of horseshoeing tools today!

A pritchel is a specialized punch employed in the forging process, especially for creating nail holes in horseshoes. To form the nail hole, the heated horseshoe is first partially punched with a forepunch or drift punch, creating a hole that covers about 90 percent of the steel. Then, the pritchel is aligned with the punched hole and driven into it, effectively removing the remaining metal at the bottom of the hole.