Smile International provides a range of products dedicated to safeguarding farriers during their daily tasks. Our selection of farrier aprons is available in various sizes, ranging from XS to XL, and crafted from leather, cordura, and canvas materials. Discover the perfect fit, top-notch materials, and renowned brands to meet your needs and ensure the utmost protection with our farrier aprons!

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Canvas & Suede Leather Apron Chap

Farrier Chaps Cowhide Suede Leather and Canvas Apron 2 Knife Pockets

Cowhide Suede Full Leather Farrier Apron

Crafted from high-quality cowhide suede leather, this apron offers exceptional durability and a rugged appearance, ensuring reliable protection for farrier tasks

Equine Farrier Apron

Professional Equine Leather Farrier Apron is made from heavy duty flexible leather and Cordura providing protection and Light weight, while trimming and shoeing. Fully adjustable belt and leg straps. Both sides feature knife pockets

Farrier Apron

Built to withstand the challenges of farrier work, this apron offers reliable durability, ensuring it remains a steadfast companion for your day-to-day tasks

Farrier Apron

This is a brand new lightweight and durable custom made farrier's apron. Made from split leather and cordura fabric. Quick release plastic buckles on straps and belt. It has knife pockets. Yes we can add magnet under left knife pocket as per customer demand. They are double stitched with nylon thread to prevent rotting from sweat and exposure

Farrier Aprons Chap

Handmade farrier's apron from high quality castor leather, reinforced between the legs Features Pockets for knife or rasp Leather belt with iron buckle 2 straps to secure the apron to the legs

Farrier Canvas and Suede Leather Apron

Lightweight leather farrier chaps with leather patches, a knife pocket each leg. Durable snap clip adjustable waist strap and leg straps. A good quality farrier apron for the cost-conscious occasional shoer or hoof trimmer

Farrier Chap 100 % Genuine Suede Leather and Canvas Apron

With 4 Knife Pockets, 2 Nail Holder Magnate, Velcro Buckled Leg And Waist Straps, Back Support Adjustable Waistband 30" To 45" With Elastain And Buckle

Hand Made Apron Canvas & Suede Leather

The apron is double stitched for durability and made of quality cotton duck cloth and chap split leather. The cotton duck cloth becomes quite comfortable as it forms to your movements. The leather used is extremely durable and tough, yet soft and flexible. The waist strap is elastic and made to reduce slippage and allows for a perfect fit when you are working. Having enough pockets is important. This apron has pockets for a knife on each leg with extra space to add magnets. Waterproof leather is used at center of waist to prevent staining

Horseshoe Horse Farrier Apron

The Apron is made of premium canvas and Cowhide with excellent wear resistant performance, durable in use. This Apron has two pockets for knives and room for magnets. Waterproof Leather at center of waist to prevent staining

Leather Farrier Apron

Professional high quality Leather Chaps / Apron made of SUED LEATHER, They are hard wearing, with 2 knife pockets, Buckled leg straps. Adjustable waistband 30" to 45" with buckle.

Leather Farrier Apron

Crafted from high-quality materials, this apron is designed to withstand the rigors of farrier work, ensuring longevity and reliability even in demanding environments. The apron's materials are easy to clean, allowing you to maintain a tidy appearance and hygiene even after a day of intensive farrier work

Lite Canvas & Suede Leather Apron Chap

Farrier Chap / Apron ( 100% Genuine FULL SUEDE LEATHER ) These New Professional Premium Quality Leather Chaps / Apron Made Of 100 % Genuine LEATHER. They Are Comfortable to Wear, With 2 Knife Pockets, 2 Nail Holder Magnate, Buckled Leg Strap And Waist Straps

Precision Farrier Apron

This canvas and leather apron feature 2 knife pockets, a stitched-in nail magnet with buckle closures on-leg straps, and a belt

Premium Full Leather High Quality Farrier Apron Chap

Introducing our Smile International Full Leather Farrier Chaps, designed to provide maximum convenience and protection during horse shoeing. These chaps feature 4 knife pockets and 2 nail magnets, ensuring easy access to essential tools. Made of high-quality cowhide suede leather, these chaps are durable and reliable

Professional Deluxe Leather Farrier Apron

Made from 100% top of the range suede. It retains its moisture and tends to leather-up with use. Strong and supple without excess weight

At Smile International, we present a diverse selection of aprons tailored for farriers, available in different lengths and crafted from durable materials such as Cordura, Leather, Polyester, Nylon, and Flame Retardant fabrics. These aprons are thoughtfully designed to safeguard you and your attire during your daily farrier tasks. With a wide array of colors and styles, our aprons feature convenient features like velcro fastenings, adjustable buckles, straps, knife pockets, and magnets to enhance the ease of horseshoeing for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Make sure to equip yourself with a must-have farrier apron, handpicked for exceptional quality and functionality.