We manufacture all the essentials for a professional forge at highly competitive prices. Our range of forging tools includes Forging Hammers, Driving Hammers, Stamp & Fuller Hammers, Farrier Forging Tongs, Pritchels, Anvils, Foot Stands, Forge Accessories, and Shoeing Tool Boxes.

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Creaser Head Farrier Fuller Hammer

This fuller has a narrow curved blade and is ideal for fullering thicker materials, 10 and 12mm. The head is large and is an ideal tool for using with a striker. The blade is positioned under the centre of the tool to maximise the power of the hammer blow

Farrier Anvil Black Coated

A high quality, stable yet light and portable farrier Anvil. A great alternative to an anvil. A must for all farriers

Farrier Driving Hammer

Drop forged from high quality steel. Special hardwood handles to insure against breakage or loosening. Designed by professional farriers, 14 oz Farrier Driving Hammer that is the most useful weight for a wide variety of farrier applications The product is 14OZ Driving Hammer Easy to use The product is manufactured in Pakistan Forged from high quality steel with hardwood handle The most useful farrier hammer available Hardwood handle

Farrier Fire Tong 15″

This 15" farrier tongs is manufactured from special low carbon steel for lasting strength. Smile International Tongs are ideal for handling average size shoes

Farrier Forging Heavy Hammer

Requirement for a multipurpose hammer that puts energy into the hammer stroke inspired the design concept. The flat face weight increases the direct strike of the hammer stroke, making it more controlled and consistent

Farrier Hot Fit Tongs Black Coating

Excellent quality material with state of the art design. By using this product you will get ultimate satisfaction and Protection. Buyers designs and specifications shall be worked out on request

Farrier Nylon Hammer

The new and improved version of our gentle farrier’s hammer has a head made of very resistant special nylon polyamide and an ergonomic ash handle. The additional handle protection on the hammer head absorbs any missed blows

Farrier Pritchel

This hand held pritchel is designed to carry the hot shoe from your anvil to the foot Flatland Forge Pritchel punch, Bloom Long pritchels are forged from S-7 tool steel. Air cool, do not quench

Fire Farrier Tongs 16″

Tongs were designed to provide versatility in one pair of tongs. These beautifully finished tools have a comfortable fit in your hand Medium Carbon Steel Lightweight - Drawn out reins and rounded jaws

Flatland Forge Driving Hammer

Farrier Driving Hammer, 3/8 inch face, 4 1/2 inch head length, 12 3/4 inch with wooden handle Smile International understands what kind of equipment farriers and blacksmiths need for their daily work. First-rate driving hammers improve your experience in shoeing horses and performing metalwork. We offer the best assortment of farrier driving hammers so you can find the right choice for your workshop

Forge Turning Hammer

Turning Hammers have an asymmetric design and are easy to forge with, They come in a variety of weights to suit your preferences, They are easy to use, strong, and accurate. They are slightly weighted to the flat side for enhanced control. Should the need arise, replacement Turning Hammer Handles are available

Hot Fit Tongs

Available as part of the Smile International Professional Farrier Tool range, the hot fit tongs were developed and tested. They have been tested by some of the world’s leading farriers and equine experts

Plain Stamp Hammer with Wooden Handle

This plain stamp is made to be used with the E head nail, it's a well-balanced and well-built instrument. For strength and endurance, this plain stamp is made of stress-resistant H13 tool steel and mounted on a high-grade

Pritchels Round

To properly "SNAP" and shear the plug out from a nail hole, a long, heavy pritchel is most desirable. Flatland forge pritchels are just the ticket! They have a long gradual taper, with clean, sharp edges. Our farrier pritchels are hand forged, not machined, this Provides optimum strength to the tool. Browse our selection of horseshoeing tools today!

Round Head Driving Hammer

Driving hammers are designed to withstand the rigorous daily use by the professional farrier. The hammer is well-balanced

Square Head Farrier Fire Tong

Smile International 16″ Square Head Farrier Tongs are available in five different jaw widths. They feature a lightweight hand polished design with handles that are set for easy control and comfortable use. The square head offers better clamping power than a round head and they are a great choice for forging competitions and heavier shoes

Smile International ensures stringent quality checks throughout its production facilities, starting from the initial stages to the final output. We have the capability to manufacture all the necessary forging tools in-house, including insert holders, tool carriers, and weights for our drop hammers.

Our decision to opt for drop hammers, as opposed to other forging machines like presses, was made some years ago due to their ability to create very thin parting lines. With drop hammers, direct percussive hammering is possible, insert against insert, resulting in parting lines that can be less than one millimeter even for the smallest parts.

This choice leads to a significant reduction in the amount of raw material required for forging a part since the thin parting lines minimize material waste. As a result, the gross raw material weights, which represent the total material needed for forging a part, are substantially lower.