Choose the perfect hammer from our selection of long-lasting tools that cater to your specific requirements. Our focus on balance and grip is paramount in the design process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail during the manufacturing of each product. With a diverse array of sizes and styles in our collection, every professional farrier or horse owner can find something that suits their needs.

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Farrier Forging Heavy Hammer

Requirement for a multipurpose hammer that puts energy into the hammer stroke inspired the design concept. The flat face weight increases the direct strike of the hammer stroke, making it more controlled and consistent

Forge Turning Hammer

Turning Hammers have an asymmetric design and are easy to forge with, They come in a variety of weights to suit your preferences, They are easy to use, strong, and accurate. They are slightly weighted to the flat side for enhanced control. Should the need arise, replacement Turning Hammer Handles are available

The finest blacksmith hammers strike the perfect balance between sturdy construction and meticulous finishing, resulting in a versatile tool that minimizes discomfort and provides excellent feedback during extended work sessions. Dedicated blacksmiths rely on their best smithing hammers to create top-quality metal products and require a hammer that delivers impeccable performance day in and day out.

Smile International offers a variety of blacksmith hammers designed for different stages of forging, allowing for personal preferences and flexibility in smithing styles and objectives. Whether you prefer pattern, straight pein, or cross pein hammers, our selection caters to various needs and goals.

Choose a forge hammer based on its weight and precision to match the scale and size of your work, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific tasks. Our blacksmith hammers at Smile International are built with superior quality construction, making them indispensable additions to your essential smithing tool kit.

For every progressive stage of the forging process, Smile International provides a comprehensive range of specialty hammers tailored for blacksmithing. These purpose-built hammers streamline the workflow for both novice and expert blacksmiths alike. When you order from Smile International, you can trust that you are getting top-notch quality from trusted brands that meet your demanding smithing requirements.