Smile International offers a diverse range of hoof knives available in various sizes and models, catering to the needs of every horse and pony. Each knife features a precision-sharp blade that effortlessly trims the hoof wall. Our collection includes a wide variety of blades, such as Loop Blades, Standard Blades, Curved Blades, Short Blades, and Wide Blades, offered in both right-hand and left-hand options. Whether you are a farrier or a horse owner, there is a blade suitable for you, including specialized double-sided hoof knives and sharp trimming blades.

Our hoof knives are designed to be reliable tools for regular use by equestrians and farriers. We understand the importance of maintaining your horse’s hooves for their health and well-being, regardless of the season. That’s why our knives are expertly crafted to withstand dry, humid, wet, and cold conditions, ensuring they remain effective and durable in all environments.

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Double-Edged Hoof Knife

The high quality stainless steel curved blade holds an excellent edge. The curve of the blade allows the user to make precise cuts with minimal effort. It also is fitted with a larger handle, (compared to the Hoofit Premium) which can make it a more comfortable fit for the farmer with larger hands

Drop Blade Farrier Knife

The Drop Blade Hoof Knife has been a leading brand of choice for farriers for over 40 years. Manufactured in small batches to maintain quality. Hand sharpened to provide a superior trim of the frog or sole of the foot Left Hand Right Hand Regular Handle Long Handle

Farrier Hoof Knife Pick and Brush

Silverline Premium Stainless Steel Loop Knife and Brush with Hoof Pick, This hoof pick is designed to last and the wooden handle fits well in your hand. The pick is helpful looking for seedy toe and the brush cleans the hoof well, removing mud, dirt and sand and if you’re a trimmer, it helps save your tools

Hoof Knife Both Side Edge

The sharp blade in combination with the dark wooden handle makes it comfortable and easy to work with Blade runs all the way through the handle Secured with 3 rivets, Available in 4 models: Straight right / Straight left / Drop right / Drop left

Hoof Knife Narrow Bladed

Curved narrow design Razor sharp stainless steel blade Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle, from sustainable hardwood Available in left and right

Hoof Knife Wooden Handle

Curved Drop Blade Hoof Knife, Offers Great Hoof Trimming Experience, Accurately trim and maintain your horses hooves thanks to the strong, steel blade which is durable and accurate

Hoof Loop Knife Medium

Medium Hoof Loop Knife Quality Steel Blade Sturdy and durable steel blade Natural wood handle provides comfortable grip

Horse Claws Knives Loop Blade

Stainless Steel High Quality Including protective cover Quality-Tested, Durable Double sided sharpened loops, can be used from both ends. Elegantly designed with the high tempered stainless steel that last longer without getting blunt.Ergonomic wooden handle fit comfortably in palm, less stressful in long working. Rigid construction for longer life

Horse Hoof Straight Knife

The fastest knife to use and easiest to sharpen, shorter, straighter blade for more precise frog trimming, comfortable combo grip handles: closed hand or thumb bracing, thin blade taper for quick sharpening and smooth shaving, smaller hook for clearing frog grooves and sulcus, bolt-mounted blade for long term stability, full blade taper from spine to blade thinnest, sharpest edges, cutting edge of blade extends back near the handle for maximum leverage, tough stainless steel no rust, durable, contoured hardwood handles, specialized for bar and frog trimming, not for “scooping” heavy sole

Loop Knife Small

Hoof Loop knives are made of premium Grade Stainless Steel passivated blade for a longer sharpened feature. They are manufactured through a forged process and rust-free steel usage with a strong screw system to avoid misallocation of the stem from the wooden handle

Multi Layered Wooden Handle Hoof Knife

Made from A2 tool steel, and features a curved drop blade with a long handle, it is extremely sharp and allows for effortless cutting. The knife is available for left or right-handed users Double Edge Drop Blade Hoof Knife For Horse Hoof Trimming Layered Handle Hoof Knife

Multicolored handle Hoof Knife

Multicolored, laminated, hard wood handle with polished stainless steel blade. Blade is 3/4" at the base and 3" long with an overall length of 8 1/2". The look and feel of a quality hoof knife

Narrow Blade Hoof Knife

This Narrow Bladed Hoof knife is constructed from premium quality stainless steel for maximum durabilty, The comfort handle is made of Rosewood, Available in both left and right handed

Pick Loop Knife

Easy to use - hoof pick is part of the knife Optimizes your trimming time Helps you investigate hoof pathologies Holds an edge like no other knife Individually handcrafted from premium quality steel with a tough, beautiful hardwood handle Ideal for beginners to professionals This is a loop hoof knife with an attached pick. Like all hoof knives, it’s used with lame cattle and horses to trim up their hooves and drain foot abscesses. We’ve had a lot of wet weather for the past two years so I’ve been using this knife frequently

Right Edged Narrow Hoof knife

Hardened blade, so it stays sharp longer Hardwood handle Carbon steel blade Developed in cooperation with professional hoof trimmers

Set of Hoof Knives

A Set of six hoof knife blades and Handle - a great addition to the farrier’s toolbox as they provide a variety of different trimming and shaping methods due to the various blade designs. The Blade heads are fully sharpened and ready to use straight out of the pack

Farriers Hoof Knives are an essential tool for farriers, and keeping the blades sharp is of utmost importance. Our knives are expertly crafted from high-quality tool steel, ensuring their longevity and continued enjoyment during use. Comfort and balance are crucial factors for farriers' ease of use, and our knives feature wooden handles that offer a natural feeling and a secure grip. The blade alignment with the lower part of the handle enhances precision and accuracy while trimming the horse's sole. The smaller radius hooks facilitate easier trimming for each horse, and they allow farriers to form smaller holes in the hooves accurately when removing abscesses. Additionally, we offer loop blades farriers knives to meet diverse needs.

Explore our extensive product range and select the perfect knife that suits your specific requirements. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, they are ideal for various purposes and different horse sizes. Each knife is equipped with a sturdy, multi-layered wooden handle for enhanced durability. Some knives feature high-quality plastic handles that provide an improved grip. Every handle is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grasp, making the job more efficient. Our knives have been thoroughly tested to guarantee the best results, and meticulous attention-to-detail was applied throughout the manufacturing process. From accurate geometrics to sharp blades, a Smile International hoof knife ensures excellent outcomes.

For the best hoof knife, Smile International offers a variety of options suitable for all types of horses and farriers. You can trust us to provide top-notch horse hoof knives for your business, along with a diverse selection of farrier tools to meet all your needs. Proper hoof trimming is essential for good hoof health, and a reliable hoof knife is one of the most crucial tools for this maintenance. Every horse owner should have a good hoof knife for trimming away loose and dried-out sole or ragged frogs between visits to the farrier.